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Bicycle parking & bus stations with interactive features

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Smart Green Station – we develop ecological and interactive stations

We want to establish interactive and environmentally friendly meeting places. Each module is a climate-smart facility equipped with electricity, wifi, charging stations for cyclists, scooters, etc., USB sockets, streaming of data, sensors, night lighting, communication possibilities and pleasant meeting points.



Cities and other built-up environments must constitute a good and healthy living environment and contribute to a better regional and global environment. Natural and cultural values ​​need to be used and developed.

Buildings and facilities must be located, designed and adapted to the environment. SGS contributes to long-term management of land, water and other important resources.


The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change states that the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere must be stabilized at a level that means that human impact on the climate system will not be dangerous.

Change must take place in a safe way and at a pace that takes into account the preservation of biological diversity, the security of food production and the non-jeopardization of other goals for sustainable development.


The air must be so clean that human health is not endangered. Animals, plants and cultural values ​​must not be harmed either.

Follow the principles established by The Breathe Life campaign from the World Health Organization, the United Nations Environment and Climate and Clean Coalition.

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SGS - Where the meeting place becomes a resting place

We develop interactive and environmentally friendly meeting places, bicycle parking and bus stops that also function as rest areas and green oases.

Each module is a climate-smart facility equipped with electricity, wifi, charging stations, USB sockets, streaming data, sensors, solar panels and seating. Here, meetings and waiting are transformed into rest and respite in a green oasis.

The different sites can communicate with each other in a user interface that can be easily used by the visitor.

About SGS

What we do and what we contribute

From idea to finished product

All meeting places, such as bicycle parking and bus stations, should be more than one meeting place. In addition, they should be sustainable and climate-smart. It is a prerequisite for a better urban future. In our modules, the energy comes from solar cells on the roof that provide power to the different parts of the station; telephone chargers, heated seats, radio, surveillance cameras, weather forecast sensors, traffic situation information, warning systems and other existing and upcoming IoT technology.

Another smart and creative feature for the stations is that they can communicate with each other. Live connections make it possible for people at different stations to interact and communicate with each other, for example through different games.

Smart Green Station is so much more than a bus station or bicycle parking. Here we can catch our breath for a while and recover after a long day. A climate-smart oasis where we are protected from the weather and wind. A harmonious place where we can feel safe and connected while waiting for a bus, recharging the batteries for the bike or just meeting a friend

The stations mimic a tree that with its branches gives us protection – in the form of seating and comfort. Smart Green Station contributes to a better future in harmony with nature.


Smart Green Station develops interactive and climate-smart bus stops and bicycle parking, which is at the same time a meeting place for opportunities. SGS wants to make these places a green oasis where we can meet and rest for a while. Charge the batteries - in a double sense. At the same time as the bicycle battery is being charged, people get a moment of recovery. Connected of course. Always ready for the next step.

Each module is equipped with solar panels, electricity, wifi, charging stations, USB sockets, livestreamed data, seating and plants. The different stops can communicate with each other through a user interface that can be easily used by the visitor.

The climate-smart stops contribute to a greener and more pleasant urban environment. Small oases scattered throughout the city - a friendly place where we should feel safe even if we wait alone in the middle of the night.

We call them Smart Green Stations (SGS).


An investment in Smart Green Station results in reduced electricity production. With long-term plans for sustainable electricity consumption and climate-smart development.

Smart Green Station contributes to a better and more sustainable urban development through green meeting places - where connection and interaction meet rest and reflection. A greener and more comfortable lifestyle.

Smart Green Station contributes to Sweden achieving the global goals for sustainable development.

Here is the opportunity to go first and be a pioneer in the field - by choosing a climate-smart and economical alternative for electricity production.

Smart Green Station - the meeting place of opportunities - for a sustainable future.


Hälsovinsterna med Smart green Station är flera. Genom grönare mötesplatser vill vi bidra till att förbättra folkhälsan och livskvaliteten för både nuvarande och kommande generationer.

Den ekonomiska vinsten med Smart Green Station innebär att kommuner långsiktigt minskar sina kostnader. Viktiga resurser kan på så vis läggas på andra samhällsnyttiga ändamål.

Smart Green Station är ett nätverk av interaktiva noder som förutom att producera energi har flera tekniska vinster. Det är ett klimatsmart system anpassat för att producera grön energi och samtidigt gynna teknisk innovation.


There is basically clean energy (solar cells) and thus reduced electricity consumption. It helps to educate people on environmental issues.

Smart Green Station's interactive system gives people a cleaner, healthier and more entertaining life.

Sensors and IoT (Internet of Things) give municipalities better and greater opportunities for local overview of functionality and statistics.


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