Smart Green Station

Meeting points, bike parking, bus stations, all equiped with sensors and interactive functions, WIFI and more.

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Smart interactive solutions!!

SGS stands for Smart Green Station. We are developing ecological and interactive stations, for: meeting ponts, bike parking and urban transport from Sweden to the World.

The project will directly contribute to::

  1. Build and contribute for a social, economic and environmentally sustainable future, promoting the resilience and eco-energy concepts.
  2. The Paris Agreement on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Create meeting places with thoughts about social-ecological relations and urban resilience for a sustainable urban development
  4. Reduced electricity production for municipalities.
  5. Improve citizen security.
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Good Built Environment

Cities, towns and other built-up environments should constitute a good and healthy living environment and contribute to a good regional and global environment. Nature and cultural values should be utilized and developed. Buildings and facilities must be located and designed in an environmentally adapted manner and so that good long-term management of land, water and other resources is promoted.


Fresh air

The air should be so clean that people's health and animals, plants and cultural values are not damaged. Follow the principles set by The BreatheLife campaign by the World Health Organization, UN Environment and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.


Limited Climate Impact

According to the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change, the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere must be stabilized at a level that means that people's impact on the climate system will not be dangerous.

The goal is to be achieved in such a way and at such a rate that biodiversity is preserved, food production is ensured and other goals for sustainable development are not compromised. 

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